Increasing Infertility Causes

As Biology states, the main motive of every species on this earth, is to generate offspring. Humans are no exception. The diagnosis of increasing infertility causes among couples an alarming rate. However, it may occur to couples who have had babies before.

Not having the ability to conceive even after having frequent intercourse. Without the presence of contraception, is one of the main Infertility symptoms. This can be extremely distressing for the couples.


increasing infertility causes

Highlighting the factors causing infertility:

There can be innumerable reasons why men or women become infertile. Since hormones play a very important role in a woman’s health, an imbalance in the same may result in infertility. Infertility types are mainly classified by gender.


Hormonal imbalance resulting in disrupted ovulation

It is likely for a woman to be infertile if her ovulation does not occur properly. This can be easily caused if there is disruption in the communication among the follicles, ovaries and pituitary glands.


Increasing Infertility causes in females are varied and depend upon the following:Infertility causes in females

  • Bad health of the eggs.
  • Food deficiency
  • Issues with the endocrine glads.
  • Ill mental health
  • substandard lifestyle
  • High body weight
  • Being under weight
  • Hereditary tendencies
  • excessive use of contraception, especially pills
  • Poly cystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Thicker endometrial wall are some of the many Infertility CAUSES.

Bottom line: 

A healthy lifestyle plays a very important role. Most of the external reasons can be minimized to achieve fertility. Hormones are extremely vital when it comes to female health.  Even though more than fifty percent infertile couples have an infertile female partner, male infertility is pretty common too.


Types of infertility in men are as follows:

  • Lower counts of sperm
  • Low motility of the sperms
  • Badly shaped sperms
  • Antibodies that destroy the sperms thinking of them as Antigens.
  • physical bruise to the reproductive parts and many more

Bottom line: 

Men are likely to have issues with sperm speed, numbers and shapes.

mens low sperm count


Treatments available for infertility

There are innumerable procedures that are put to use ensure female infertility treatment. Even though, most of these are not likely to treat the problem completely, but these do help people achieve reproduction.


Some of the common methods are:

  • Administering hormones to the female body which in turn induce ovulation or even stimulate the growth of the ovaries into mature eggs. Hormones may also help women get regular menstrual cycles.
  • In case of badly structured Fallopian tubes, surgery can help repairing them so that eggs can easily accommodate and pass.
  • In case of PCOS, multiple benign cysts are removed using laparoscopic surgery. This can remove the scarred areas and influence fertility.

Bottom line: 

Hormonal influence from the exterior and surgery play a pivotal role in treating female infertility. Change in lifestyle supposedly has immense effect as well.


Treatments men can avail

  • Men having erectile issues can undergo medication. Premature sperm ejaculation can also be treated through medicines.
  • Blocked duct can interrupt ejaculation and in that case surgery is advised by the doctors. The sperms can even be directly extracted from the testes to be used for fertilization of an egg.

Bottom line: 

Treatments are extensively available. But there are cases where artificially manipulated insemination is prescribed.

Increasing Infertility causes can also arise if a couple has too frequent intercourse. Which results in low concentration and quality of sperm. Regulated yet frequent sex is advised by the doctors to couples seeking help.

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