Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Treatment

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Treatment essential for us because our body does not fabricate them or if it does, it’s in insufficient amount. We either need a good diet or supplements to attain them. Talking about Vitamin D, its necessary intake of 400-800 IU is required daily, however, one can take more than that too, and it’s safe and natural.

It would be quite shocking to know that around 1 billion people are suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D.  It’s an appalling fact that Vitamin D Deficiency is hitting numerous people without them knowing about it. This is a silent problem which starts affecting the sick after one stage.

Why we call it as “sunshine” vitamin because this vitamin gets activated under sunlight and provide strength to our body framework.

The more we spend time under sunlight with our body exposed to it, the more Vitamin D is activated and provides necessary solution to our body.


Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Treatment

Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults. Apart from the main problem, we can also find:

  1. Metabolic disorder
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Effect on immune system
  4. Cognitive disorders.
  5. Falling sick on a frequent basis
  6. Depression and
  7. Muscle pain

A mind boggling fact is that cancer is also one of the causes of this deficiency.

Vitamin D is not as simple as consuming a tablet or go and stand under the sun, it’s more than that.

Bottom Line:

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient required by our body. Failing to consume might lead to problems like Rickets and Osteomalacia.

Vitamin D deficiency causes:

Signs like Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults are commonly founded disease which is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. Today, use of sunscreen is very common but the fact says that they neutralize the effect of exposure to sun by 90-95% which hinders synthesis of Vitamin D inside the body.

People staying far away from equator have to face such problems when compared to the nearer ones. It is also found, that Vitamin D deficiency is more in obese than non-obese. The BMI here must always be less than 40 otherwise one might face problem with 23% less Vitamin D in his/her body.

Bottom line:

Low exposure to sunlight is the key factor behind the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency causes treatment

The best natural solution to the problem is optimum amount of exposure to the sunlight. But, standing behind the window, peeping through it and enjoying the sun are no solution. People today rely on supplements as natural treatment is slow and not easy to follow. These supplements contains right amount of Vitamin D to be fed on frequent basis. The doctor decides the dosage according to the need and condition of the patient.

Bottom line:

As discussed, Vitamin D levels can be increased through exposure to sunlight for a good period as it is the ultimate natural remedy for a sufferer.

How to increase Vitamin D concentration naturally

Apart from sunlight, the best solution to enhance the level of Vitamin D is to take proper food with ample amount of vitamins. Few food items beneficial for this purpose:

  1. Fishes like Tuna and Salmon are the best source of Vitamin D
  2. One can also go for some dairy products, juices and cereals.
  3. All time favorite, eggs, but take care that the yellow takes it all
  4. Fatty fishes
  5. Cod liver oil
  6. Mushrooms are some of the key food items

Bottom Line:

Food is the ultimate medicine to the cure of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is easy to get fixed. Expose one to sunlight for adequate amount of time, develop healthy habits to consume Vitamin D rich diet or take supplements for the cure.

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Treatment infographic

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